Frequently Asked Questions

A. We primarily deliver along the East coast from Maine to Miami. Please see our Delivery & Service Map under the Operations tab for a view of the entire area we service.
A. We serve foodservice distributors and retail stores.
A. Currently, more than 400 people work at G&C Foods.
A. Monday - Friday - 5:30 am - 1 pm Saturdays - 5:30 am - 1 pm (fresh product only) Please contact our Receiving Clerk to make an appointment.
A. Yes. Contact us for more detail!
A. We're glad you asked. We have an entire section of our website dedicated to explaining the ins and out of our culture programs. Take a look.
A. We started our culture development initiative with a leadership development program in 2004.
A. Most deliveries arrive the next day, but, this will depend upon the delivery schedule in your area.
A. We regularly stock over 4,000 food items. The best way to find the product you are looking for is to head to www.GCFoods.Market to see our selection. Log In as a guest, and give us a call with any questions!
A. G&C are the initials of the original owners. G is for: Graham (Gary Graham) C is for: Conrad (Butch Conrad)
A. The Syracuse G&C warehouse is 276,000 sq. feet. We also store products in two satellite warehouses in PA and Eastern NY.
A. We accept the following payment options: 1. Check mailed to PO Box 19000, Syracuse, NY 13209 2. Check copy sent by FAX to (315)701-0441 3. Check scanned and emailed to 4. ACH payments 5. Wire transfers