Culture Champion Groups (CCG)


Starting with senior management, the Culture Champion Groups (CCG) teach employees and managers how to speak openly about what is needed, to address conflicts sooner rather than later, and to make independent decisions knowing they will be supported. The CCG meetings are bi-monthly communication and leadership training sessions attended by employees at all levels.  


Daily Huddles are the G&C way of connecting departments with ongoing needs and information. Each Huddle is conducted for 15 minutes at the beginning of the shift and is designed for quick and open information exchange.

In Huddles, people share Company and inter-departmental news, customer updates, ongoing needs, concerns, and problems. Huddles help break down barriers and prevent miscommunications by bringing people together regularly to communicate, communicate, communicate.



An employee run intra-company news station operates at each office, broadcastsing Company and industry news, statistics, birthdays, employee happenings, weather and more. G&C TV is one of the great ways to keep all our staff connected and on the same page every day.

Quarterly Employee Financial Review

G&C operates with open financials, offering employees a window into ongoing performance. We’ve made it a point to regularly communicate the state of the Company and the industry. At these quarterly financial meetings our finances are available for public review.

At each quarterly meeting, senior managers share financial statements, present industry trends and discuss goals with anyone who wants to attend.

New Employee Onboarding

New employees are helped in acclimating to the G&C culture from their very first days on the job. Right after hiring, new employees attend on-boarding meetings and are invited to events to learn the Culture, gain needed information, and share ‘fresh eyes’ observations with management.

Deal of the Week

We’re in the food business, right? So why not make good deals available to our employees.

That’s the thinking behind Deal of the Week. One of our most popular employee programs, the Deal of the Week makes available a few good deals - packaged food items available at wholesale prices.

Wellness Committee


Taking an interest in their employees heath & fitness is something every company should do.

At G&C Foods, we take fitness seriously. We repurposed an entire floor of empty office space as an on-site gym for exercising, walking and jogging. We provide fact-filled healthy living programs to get everyone onboard the fitness train. Healthy, fit people are healthy employees.



G&C Newsletter

The G&C Food for Thought keeps us connected through a monthly printed newsletter. Although G&C fully embraces technology, this old fashioned way to communicate is popular with the employees.