What is the G&C "Culture"?

 SU groupThe G&C Culture is a participatory way of doing business. It thrives at every level of management and every position in the company.

The Culture is company wide, improving and building communication, empowering people to make decisions, and teaching the fundamentals of leadership.  

At G&C, everyone is an influencer and everyone has the potential to be a leader - from warehouse to accounting, maintenance to senior management. G&C employees participate in ongoing training, leadership development and mentoring programs that are designed to make for an effective organization.

We’re better workers, better leaders, and better people because of The Culture, and we believe our customers benefit from this.

How The Culture Began

The Culture story began in 2006, when President David Lepage started on a path to improve his own leadership skills. From that simple decision, G&C has grown to embrace a company-wide philosophy that encourages every employee to become a better leader in their own sphere of influence.


Story3The Culture Grows

Instrumental in developing the skills needed to grow The Culture is Dr. James Kestenbaum, respected corporate psychologist and owner of The Solutions Group, in Rochester, NY.  Dr. Jim, as he is commonly known, has been involved from the beginning at G&C, spearheading and guiding efforts to create strong alliances through training and communication.


"The G&C culture is now a more emotionally intelligent orgnaniztion with people being more thoughtful and respectful.

In general, the Company communicates better within and between teams, and the workforce gets things done by routinely collaborating - everybody pulling in the same direction. Finally, people seem to know now that the culture is a critically important part of the business which needs to be sustained.

The Culture is one of the "engines" that accommodates growth and profitability while also creating a great place to work."
- Dr. Jim Kestenbaum

Perseverance Pays Off

It hasn’t been easy. It has taken time. And there have been a few bumps along the way. But at the end of the day, what we call 'The Culture' appears to be working.

“The Culture breeds positivity at G&C. We have each others’ backs.”
- Kathy  Clark, Senior Credit Controller

“Managers respect you for what you know…and ask for our input.”
- Kevin Keefe, Inventory Control

A Company That Communicates

Rich Chapman, G&C President, oversees a company completely transformed by adopting new cultural imperatives.

"Our culture allows us the ability to be flexible with our customers' needs. We educate our employees about the nature of our customers' business so that we can keep that focus during our daily activities. Our employees like to be engaged in their work and know that they are supporting our customers and helping them to succeed."