State of the Art Processes

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G&C Foods has state-of -the-art tracking technology built to track every box and package, from bar coding to computerized inventory to temperature controlled trucks.

Even more important is that every step of the process has a personal touch from our employees. G&C people are empowered to make decisions in the moment, when decisions need to be made.

"We thoroughly encourage people to own their positions, to do what needs to be done on their own." - David Lepage, President

Our commitment to staying on top of the best and most current ways to operate doesn't end at the warehouse.

Throughout G&C Foods, we train our people to communicate better in ongoing Culture Champion Group meetings,  we empower individuals to make decisions on a daily basis, and we encourage interaction that creates efficiency. Read more about it here.

Things get done better, faster, more efficiently because our people care about the what they do and how they do it.