computer screenYour delivery is important to you, to your customers, and therefore to us.

So we make every effort to get product to you fast, accurately, and with unsurpassed product integrity, and with driver safety always at the forefront.


As a distribution company, we take a proactive approach to ensure efficient and safe delivery of your products.

The G&C truck fleet, which has grown to 95 tractors and 160 refrigerated trailers with over 100 experienced drivers is strategically positioned in Albany and Syracuse, NY, Ripley and Allentown, PA, and Springfield, MA to shuttle trailers for next day deliveries.

G&C Professional Drivers


Drivers are hard working, professional, Company employees equipped in every way to meet our next-day delivery service promise. G&C drivers also participate in cultural initiatives, learning how to communicate better and to share ideas.

G&C drivers lead the industry in compliance with strict hours of service rules, meeting on and off road requirements as new rules apply. Our drivers are assisted with electronic on board recording devices (EOBR) that help to track hours electronically, keeping them log legal while recording speed and other drive parameters.

Safety is a Philosophy 

Maintaining a pracitce of safety first gets our drivers where they need to be safely and in better time with greater overall cost savings. 

All G&C trucks are equipped with on-board computers, GPS tracking, and motion sensors to assist in driver efficiency and safety.

Continuous monitoring ensures adherence to Federal Department of Transportation laws.

Less wear and tear on vehicles and drivers represents a proactive investment in drivers and equipment. 

The G&C Foods culture programs provide regular exercise programs for drivers, encouraging them to get moving when they can to counteract the many hours of sitting required of the job.

Product Handling

Fresh and frozen products are separated en route to maintain product integrity.

Transportation Office Support Staff

Dedicated transportation office staff is available every business day to act as liaisons between customers and drivers. The transportation staff answers questions, helps locate orders, and  provides estimated product delivery times.

We have limited overnight parking available in our lot.