Great People, Great Service, Great Company

Lander 1

At G&C Foods, we start with great people for a reason. We believe every employee has the potential to become a high performancing, top quality worker. The G&C President initiated the Culture and has led the charge to develop the Culture in every aspect of our business. Read more about the G&C Culture story here.

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We walk the Culture talk by offering training, programs, and incentives to create a workplace like none in the food industry. We look for the best people in the industry, then we create an atmosphere that makes people want to stay. See what we're talking about.

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G&C Foods has been completely transformed by adopting the Culture and is healthier in many ways today because of it. We’ve seen our processes improve and become more customer-focused and our managers grow more confident. Young warehouse workers go from being hourly workers to committed Company employee because of what CCG (Culture Champion Groups) and the overall program has taught them.

Investing in our people through building the Culture has translated to a better bottom line. You can hear about it directly by watching our company culture videos.